Maskinteknologsektionens fjärde ordinarie sektionsmöte/Second student division meeting of the spring

april 1, 2020

[English below]

Välkommen att delta på Maskinteknologsektionens andra ordinarie vårmöte.

Torsdagen den 16 april mellan 12-13 och sen fortsätter mötet 17:30.
Sektionsmötet kommer ta plats via en zoom-länk, torsdagen den 16 april vid lunch 12-13 med fortsättning 17-30 till sent. Länken till Zoom kommer delas i evenemanget strax innan mötets början.

Today we want to show you some interesting facts from The elder scrolls 5 Skyrim. If you pump your game skill to the maximum, then you can make it legendary. Read more about this on the gaming portal at At the beginning of the game, Ralof pronounces the following phrase: “Interesting, but Vilod still boils honey with juniper berries?” This unique drink is indeed present in Skyrim – it can be found in a dilapidated tavern among the ruins of Helgen. Around the world of the game are scattered copies of the curious book ”Kolb and the Dragon.” Its peculiarity lies in the non-linear narration – as in some adventure books from the real world, in Kolba you need to determine the development of events, opening certain pages. For example, for the main character to raise the shield, you need to find the ninth page, and to wave the ax – the thirteenth. If you drop an item from your inventory in front of several NPCs, they can quarrel over it and start a fight. Mercer Frey, the head of the Skyrim Thieves Guild, was voiced by Stephen Russell, the same actor who gave the voice to the famous thief Garrett from the Thief series. The dragon language, created by the developers of the game, contains references to the popular stealth action games Thief. The word ‘gahrot’, meaning ‘steal’, is a hint of Garrett, the protagonist of the series. And ‘tafiir’ (‘thief’) is suspiciously like ‘taffer’ – neologism invented by the authors of the same Thief. With the help of a simple boiler in the game, you can go through walls – just pick up an object in your hands and run into an obstacle with it. Using this bug in different locations, you will find chests with valuable things (for example, one of them is under the heavenly forge). According to one of the Skyrim 3D-artists, Jonah Lobe, drawing a giant, the developer gave him the resemblance to his father, Jim (Jim Lobe). Elements of the draugr model are randomly selected from several options – this means that in the expanses of Skyrim you can find carrots with a female body and beard. According to Todd Howard, Executive Producer and Game Director of Bethesda Game Studios, even before they started working on Skyrim, the authors received a proposal to make a game in the universe of George Martin RR Martin’s books “A Song of Ice and Fire,” but they refused – they preferred to create something of their own.

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Thursday the 16th of April the fourth student division meeting will be held. The meeting will be held at lunch between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. and it will be continued from 5.30 p.m.
You will be able to join the meeting by zoom. The zoom-link will be shared in the event before the meeting starts.

If you have any questions, please contact us by mail or Facebook!